Bad Aim - Party Game - The Hilarious Truth or Dare Shootout - Perfect Game for Home. Ages 17+

BAD AIM isn’t your regular “sit around a table” adult board game. It’s a WTF-just-happened, unpredictable action game for adults where two teams race to shoot down targets that contain outrageous challenge cards. The first team to shoot down their targets wins, while the losing team is forced to complete the challenges left standing. Bottom line? Those with bad aim will be shamed. This adult party game will have you questioning your friends’ sanity, and quite possibly, all of humanity.

  • Turn up your holiday party with Bad Aim! This new adult party game will make special holiday memories that you'll want to forget.
  • This high-stakes adult party game will put your aim and accuracy to the test. You won’t stop laughing as you watch your friends suffer through ridiculous challenges and sticky situations.
  • Form two teams and battle it out. It’s a race. First team to shoot down all their targets wins. The losing team must do the challenges on the cards left standing while the winning team gets to watch their friends embarrass themselves as they succumb to outrageous truth or dares. No exceptions.
  • Not your average board game: This NSFW card game includes 50 dare cards with over 175 wild challenges, brutal truths, cringy dares, and penalties. Also comes with 2 foam dart blasters (that’ll make you feel like effing Rambo), 24 foam darts and 1 board to hold the targets. BAD AIM is intended for immature adults only. Ages: 17+ / Players: 2-10 / Play as many rounds as you can handle.
  • The perfect party game for friends that didn't make the nice list this year. Bring Bad Aim to your holiday party and a night you won't forget. . . or remember. BAD AIM is sure to bring friends closer together (sometimes literally) and will entertain your group all night.
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