Night Owl 100 ft. in-Wall Rated Video/Power Camera Extension Cable with Extension Adapter (1-Pack)

Need to increase the distance from your camera to your DVR? Look no further. This 100 ft. Video/Power Camera Extension Cable makes it easy. This cable will help extend a camera further from the DVR to accommodate your setup needs. While it is required for use with our 4K wired DVRs, it is also backwards compatible and will work with our older DVR models. The design of the cable makes communication between the camera and DVR much smoother and far less susceptible to video degradation. With 24/7 technical support in English, Spanish and French, Night Owl will be here for you every step of the way.

  • 100 FT. CABLE EXTENSION: Easily increase the distance between your wired camera and DVR
  • MAXIMUM RUN LENGTH (160 FT.): Achieve up to 160 ft. of distance when connected to existing camera cabling (extension adapter included)
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE: Works with all Night Owl wired DVR systems up to 4K
  • WEATHERPROOF CAMERA CABLE: Cable is designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • FOR CAMERAS WITH NO AUDIO: Intended for cameras that are not audio enabled